Monday, June 7, 2010


Profitable day without much resistance to my side. Trades just moved in desired direction. One trade in the morning and other after US market open. Bit of bigger risk initiating eur/usd and eur/jpy at the same time. Closed shorts because eur/usd move wasn't convincing just seconds before usd/jpy started going down and dragging eur/jpy. Then took too small profit on the bounce play, it just wasn't fast enough to make me less nervous.

More important is the discipline side of my day. Not much going on to check how I stand with it. Only thing that I can say is that I tightened my stop on last trade to take me out quickly if the move down continue. I'm pretty much determined that discipline is more important then profit from now on.

+45 half size pips (It's now new full size but I will call it like that until the end of month)


Black said...

Nice one bro. you know we both go through those days. lets pick 'em up back one by one. Good start.

FX said...

It sure is good start.

It makes even more ridiculous my trading on last two days before this one. Then I act like there will be no more good days and no other trades to do so I must make profit and force things.

De'Trader said...

Nice... :)