Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 2010. results

-97 pips ( -48 pips of size that I started month but only traded three days)
- 8 %

I started trading this month with bigger size, soon it all went down mainly because of that. If I count my trades in previous size which I traded the rest of this month my roller coaster ride was roughly this:
up 90
down 400
up 190
down 150
up 170

My recent trading is a mixed bag of very bad trading and good one. On some stuff I'm really proud and can see progress. Trading skill which looks to me satisfactory and promising for good results. On the other side there is my bad trading, or emotional trading. There things are as they were always. This is my current reality and I don't have any ideas but to carry forward. As I was brought to this moment by my trading experience I will continue to see what is next.

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