Tuesday, June 5, 2012


June 21.

June 25.

Experiment, trading both directions at the same time with different sizes, fading myself.

June 28.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Started the month optimistic and with few good days. Later bad days got out of hand. As usual when emotions kick in my daily stop limit was breached.

I'm seriously contemplating leaving behind scalping. On some days I'm able to turn profit, but very hard and rare. On bad days I can't contain bad behavior and lose so much more then I win on good days. The problem is that I'm little disinterested in other forms of trading, other time frames. So when I don't scalp I don't trade.

May 2.
+12 pips

May 3.
+7 pips

May 7.
+11 pips

May 8.
+10 pips
On my second trade I was slow at entry as I clicked it moved 3pips, so I got bad position. Third trade it would be better to take 3-4 pips and not wait. I was overall slow this morning in every sense.

May 9.
-26 pips
Anger level through the roof.

May 10.
+11 pips
Eur/jpy was main drive down, steady but firm, eur/usd couldn't resist down force. At least I saw it like that.

May 11.
+5 pips

May 14.
-3 pips

May 15.
+3 pips

May 16.
-48 pips
I can't stop

May 17.
-18 pips
I had profit of 8 pips and I should have stop trading at that. Let's say greed kicked in and then I traded poorly. 

Afternoon session
-13 pips
Impatient, just jumping in.

May 23.
-6 pips

May 2012. results

-55 pips