Monday, August 31, 2009

Longer trades

Today I had two really small trades that were like tests for longer term trading. Both of them turned out positive when I finally got to them. Size were ten times smaller then usual so they gained as much I lost on my first trade in the day. I had to close gbpchf trade when I saw that other trade closed profitably. After all this blog is called forex intraday trading.

One small trade

One small trade which was started as kind of swing trade but I exit it because I couldn't be in front of the screen any more. I don't feel comfortable with open trades when I'm not around even if it was smaller in size. -0.5%

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last few days

Caught reversal from support for a nice scalp

First chart, two trades, I was concentrated and patiently waited for opportunities. Then I lost majority of profit on next trade that I jumped in, I wasn't really following market at that time. Then I had more trades, pretty much emotional. I was greedy, all trades showed some small profit even first one but I didn't take it and made losses from it. Day was break even.

Late in the day I tried for reversal at 2B on eur/usd. Size was today half the size of previous days because I expected problems and bigger range trading, not just scalps. Next was eur/jpy short. There was nice probability that 134 support will be broken. It didn't played out well. At one point it was under it but it got back. I thought that lower side is then even more probable but it wasn't easy. Got in averaging trade because price retraced much and added gbb/usd short because of nearing to resistance. I expected that all will revers at that time. The most I got was b/e for that set of trades and I kept profit on first trade in eur/usd.

I don't like very much that longer term trading because I stare at screen as when I scalp and got tired and frustrated when I'm in position and it's not going my way. Also I tend to find reasons why to keep losing trade and add to it.

So last three days small profit of 18 pips ( pips are three times smaller then before the brake two months ago) or 1.3 %.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello to all

Hello to all, just a quick update that I'm well and well tanned. I had very, very, very long summer vacation (read two weeks for every "very"). I had some trades, more for fun then anything else. I wish to head into direction of smallish stops. Well my first trade after trading brake was me being bad as before but with small size. After I behaved ok but wasn't really in the position to mess up, we will see how will I behave in the future. For all effort I'm up on this vacation trades 4 pips or 0.3% :)