Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm little disappointed. I believed that now I have this discipline part in my bag forever. But it looks that I need to be reminded every day so I obey it. Also I think that discipline starts with entry. If I enter before I have some kind of signal just on anticipation it's higher probability that it will be harder for me to get out when I need to.

So I moved stop, averaged and lost. Then I was in recovery mode which also isn't best thing. All in flat, slow downtrend looking for long trade.
From loss of -35 I recovered to -3. First of all I shouldn't have any trade in the first place when things move so slow. Ten minutes for ten pips isn't pace that suits me.
But let's not be bitter at the end of great week profit wise and more importantly discipline wise. Today discipline part get's only two stars.

-3 half size pips

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