Saturday, March 31, 2012


March 2.

-1 pip

March 5.
-4 pips

March 6.
+33 pips
Too tight stop in eur/jpy took me out from monster move, I switched in eur/usd. I was stubborn didn't want to get out in first part where I was making and losing open profit.

March 7.

-20 pips
I made two mistakes in my first two trades and then when my idea proved right and I wasn't in I got so angry. After that I had angry trades trying to correct my initial mistakes, which is impossible, but that's how I'm wired. Slowly I'm depicting to myself my inner subconscious wiring that need to be amended but it's far from easy.
So in my trading I have mixed bag of trades and emotional response driven trades.

14. March
-33 pips

I was plain wrong but really wanted to trade. Market wasn't in the mood for moves, so it was all wishful thinking. Only one positive trade, but I got what I wanted, many trades. So no point in complaining.

22. March

-2 pips
Too early, not patient enough.

27. March
-31 pips

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bad trading

All negative, bad trading. Reasons for the trades were not there, probably many of them entered to cover loss from previous. Stops to close. Too many trades, too big loss for a day when market wasn't doing much. I moved away from cautious mindset.
-24 pips

February 2012. results

-45 pips

Negative result purely because of bad attitude. It seams that I know how to trade but don't know how to handle myself. Many days leaving profit and running it into a loss. If for example I stayed with my big winning day of +27 pips at 23. and didn't trade any more my month would be positive. All those R profits switched to losses. I'm waging war with myself.

Eleven trading days:
1. +17 
14. -11 (at first positive for more then 5 pips)
15. -5 (positive at first 5 or more, R at least)
16. -7 (first wave +10, be, +15, loss)
17. -3 (profit of 10 left to go into loss)
20. -24 (first trade in positive around R left it to stop)
21. -4
22. +5
23. -19 ( first nice big win of around 15, loss -11, win more then 20, then from +27 to -19 madness)
24. -5
27. +11