Monday, November 30, 2009

Smallish scalps

Didn't have time today, so only this little scalps.

+7 pips

Friday, November 27, 2009


On second chart trades were with half size. I averaged there, I wasn't really trading good any more but I was in mood to trade so I did.

+28 pips

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Learn to lose

It's therapeutic to take small losses. My problem is because I don't have bad days but blow up days. Today was a bad day. I tilted, having in mind move down that was just prior to my first trade I stuck shorting up move. I don't feel bad about today's losses they felt good because even if I traded bad I knew how to get out and don't lose temper in usual way. I didn't need that last eur/usd trade, but I accept it all with smile. Learn to lose.

-30 pips

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Too bad that in first trades I wasn't in pure scalping mode so I didn't took few pips that were in front of me.
+8 pips

Friday, November 20, 2009

Little self punishment

I think that I'm holding a grudge against myself because of my recent blow up so I needed a little punishment. I had nice trade in the direction of trend. Then I tried to pick a bottom which didn't play out well. With averaging and not letting myself to close in a loss I managed to make healthy loss.

-54 pips

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New trades, trying to get a rhythm

I had a hard time closing third trade in a loss when it spiked up just after my entry. Eur/gbp changed direction so it was low probability staying in that trade.

Pips are of October size, smaller but very big leverage considering current account size.

+20 pips

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Can you believe this chart?

First thank you all on your comments of support.

This is my YTD performance and it drove me mad few times. Well I drove myself mad with doing mad things in the first place.
This time blow up really surprised me, I wasn't expecting something like this lately. I had very good run and without for me before usual averaging. I was only thinking how much further into positive side can I move account in two months that are left in the year.

After first blow up in the beginning of the year, three times I approached break even and then ensued new big and fast loss.

Problems with trading on positive side is something very subjective and individual to me. I believe that I had blow up because of feeling uncomfortable being on the positive side. Don't ask me why I feel that way, or I felt that way. It's up to me to clear that out however odd does it seems to feel it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I gambled and lost

I lost -40% today. Something is really flawed with my attitude regarding trading and money. You can understand that I don't want to talk about it so probably I will not respond to comments. My account dropped little bit below level where it was this summer. This is biggest loss of money with trading I ever had. So all work in last two months is now gone. With first of this month I was at break even for the year and this week I gained 7.5%. It seems that whenever I get back to my starting point I make sure to quickly lose as much as I can. I played that game few times this year. It's like I want to lose. Also it seems to me that I don't value money gained by trading as real value. I guess that deep down I believe this is not work but gambling. I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud.
Funny thing is that I was really on good track last two months. I was thinking that I finally moved away from problems. Well little averaging yesterday was first sign of trouble. You can't run from yourself. If you have problems or issues they will find a way out and materialize themselves. If you are alcoholic it doesn't matter for how long you are sober you are always one drink away from abyss.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lucky to be profitable

Pretty much mediocre trading today. Market wasn't in break out mode but something different. I'm not comfortable trading from retracement and that was game today. So I would go long when the move is near end, then wait out through retracement to get some tiny profit. On my third trade I had to close in a loss because news time was approaching. After the news I tried to be "creative" with 1/3 trades. I was lucky that market continued my way.
After all I had to be more "creative" and short gbp/jpy. O.k if I short it with 1/3 but when I add one more it's so close to full size in the most volatile pair. Very bad trading on idea that some resistance trendline from 4h time frame is on. Again some luck with really hitting resistance on usd/jpy and eur/gbp so I could close those two shorts profitable. I could get really burned. That 1/3 game would just lead me in averaging problems.
If there isn't trade that I like or market isn't suitable for me, well just don't trade.

+9 pips

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

20 trades

Today trading consisted of two parts. In first one I got nice scalp in eur/usd and then I oriented on gbp/usd. It was wrong decision today because eur/usd was trending down nicely and gbp/usd was different. I marked yellow on gbp/usd chart move that wipe out my profits. When you scalp you need to be right most of the time, because all those nice 4 pip scalps are easily taken away by one trade with 3 pips spread and sudden move in opposite direction.

When I realised that I simply missed eur/usd while trading gbp/usd I got back to it. Now it was in consolidation. I had so many trades because it's easy with 0.9 pips spread to jump in and grab few pips. After few successful trades I lost a lot trying to catch next leg down. I really got myself whipsawed. When finally I got right trade on, I didn't catch majority of the move down.
I need to concentrate more on overall picture while I'm scalping. At least on 1min chart time frame so I can trade more optimal.

+20 pips

Monday, November 2, 2009

I overstayed my welcome

With new month size of my position is up again. It's three times September size. So you can see how in the start I was careful, extra careful. Well market was behaving in a way that 4 pips were most I could capture. As the time passed after few trades my concentration drifted away. The best example is second eur/usd trade where I took just 1 pip. Thirty seconds later I jumped in gbp/usd at the high and I was awaken when I lost all my profits so far. Bad trade, bad mental state in a fifth trade of a day, first losing one. Now bigger size was in my mind again making me reluctant to close this down. I was betting on profits and more. I could close it at the break even two minutes later but I didn't. Twenty minutes passed by with me waiting in a loss. I was lucky, trade finally gave me profit and I was happy to close it.

+18 pips