Tuesday, January 30, 2007

coulda woulda shoulda

I'm feeling a little gun shy today.

Not even my favorite reversal entry shot, I missed it also.

Again reversal, waited for the trendline, but here I wasn't really by the screen, I was cooking and checking every few minutes charts.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Monday, January 22, 2007

Some older trades

It's something personally very rewording in picking exact moment of reversal, but for every one like that in EURJPY comes ten wrong moments and than it's stop loss or some kind of unpleasant money management like averaging that can bring more losses.

Some reversals can easily be spotted fast enough to make a trade, but I'm afraid that too many losses is the price to master that kind of setup. It's enough to be disciplined and use really small s/l so if you are wrong get out immediately, and if not get some nice profit of it.

It's fast and dangerous, maybe the adrenalin part is so sexy in that kind of trades. Every trading book say buy retracement in the uptrend, but for some people it's easier to say than to do it.
But honestly sometimes it's easier to spot reversal than having belief in continuation of trend.

It's always hard to witness that profits were taken too soon.

But for me it's always harder to have great entry and great profit potential and than get stopped out on b/e or s/l.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

picking top

This is my last trade. It's a bit risky because it's trading against trend and trying to pick top. But it's usually how I trade with full knowledge of it being not so wise. But trading psychology is the front where I have my battles.

The thing with this trade is more that I didn't stay enough time in trade. It was because emotional pressure of loosing side of gbpjpy was too much, so I closed all when it got to b/e. It's unwise off course, but this is what happened.

Too bad that I didn't wait minute or two, or put gbpusd which was doing fine on trail stop. But I just wanted some money in cash register and to relieve all pressure.

Individual trades where added with 1:1 leverage.

Good thing was, that I really nice picked up top in gbpusd. Gbpusd, broke 750 resistance and I was thinking that if it stalls now it will make failed break out and it will go nice fast way back. Too bad that I started shorting gbpjpy, but usdjpy was not ready to stop.


I don't usually trade gold, but this was some tryout how does it feel. Intention was to risk 0.70 to gain 3.5. I don't have smaller tf chart, where I entered on support, but apparently with to small s/l.

day range and Fibonacci

Some experimenting with previous day range and Fibonacci.


I started this blog because I like the most in trading blogs to check the charts with trades. My intention is to post as many charts with ideas, or done trades as I can. Maybe not so much of text blog, but a chart blog.

I trade forex, mostly intraday.