Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday trading

Discipline is getting only three stars today. Again I moved stop and averaged on my first trade. Making loss of -32. Trade entry was valid as far as I can tell because it looked perfect to take out 5min stops. Bad decision was not abandoning that trade with small loss after 10min of chop. Then my usual clinging to bad trade and saving things kicked in. Like there will be no other opportunity, this is the only one.
I realized after loss that how things are developing we are going to take out high. It was little slow in the beginning with battle on eur/gbp but when they came in sync I had nice rally erasing my previous losses and putting me in black.
Then I turned to other pairs and scalped my way into nice profit trading both sides.

+42 half size pips


DT233 said...

Nice recovery FX. Nice start to the week!

Risk Control Master said...

nice trade.. and plz delete that scam mightbe?

FX said...

Thanks guys.

I always delete them.

Harvey said...

When you're trading do you utilize the 10 sec or 5 sec chart? -or- Are you taking all your entries from the 30 sec and 5 min?

FX said...

Harvey I use usually 10sec chart, in fact I use it more then 30sec from the moment I'm in the trade or I'm just preparing to take one. Generally I don't use 5sec chart.