Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Action Tuesday

Lot's of market action, twelve trades. I must say that I'm pleased with my discipline part in today's trading. I closed quickly non performing trades. Nice thing was also adding in my direction after third trade. I got caught in nasty spike of +30 pips, my automatic stop got triggered giving me -17. Maybe getting back in was risky trade but it worked nicely giving me biggest individual gain today. While busy with eur/jpy I missed gbp/usd move. I caught only two scalps near the bottom and third was legitimate try for new leg and quick out when it didn't follow thru.

+38 half size pips


Risk Control Master said...

congratulation on the profit, and good you keep the stop in place.

Solfest said...

nice work

FX said...


Risk Control Master said...

where is the result for today?

FX said...

I was watching market for hour and the half in the morning but I didn't see anything that I liked. It didn't move fast enough to give me clues for high probability direction trades.
Now with discipline armor on I'm picky and reluctant to enter when I know that I must close it if it don't come my way, with no "management" of my exit or risk.
So I should say today (06.09.10.) was another disciplined day.