Friday, January 29, 2010

January 2010. results

-91 pips

-15 %

Results are far worse then they look like because in last 4 losing days of last 6 days of trading I managed to lose -189 pips. Maybe I need this kind of reset time when I'm totally fed up with trading and disconnected from it. Maybe next time I could reset myself without first having a blow up.


Risk Control Master said...

Dude, regroup and comes back. Learn and practice and learn again. This is all trading about.

PRD trader said...

Hi,friend, I strongly believe you have potential but it is extremely hard to trade in such short time frame .If you consider bigger TF, i am sure your P/L will increase dramatically.

Black said...

sometimes i reset myself by trading my demo acct. it may be juz demo but sometimes it helps. there are noises in chart as well as noises in myself (call it over-trading habit or itchy hand), i need to clear them i clear them by trading demo.
easy bro, lets start a new month afresh.

FX said...

Thanks guys on support.

@PRD trader thanks on you kind words and advice. Maybe I really should look at it.

@Black it was always very hard for me to trade on demo so I don't even try any more. If my assumption about reset is correct I should make big breaks like I'm doing now in a way and always after big loss.

Grinder Trader said...

Hang in there. Walking away from trading during a losing streak always seems to help. I agree with PRD trader about using bigger time frames.

FX said...

Thanks Grinder.
Always when I think in this situation I find that I aim for too much. Simply it isn't necessary to have so many trades and take every opportunity that I find. Little more patience and sense of what is enough and what is excessive can stabilize me so I don't fall in trouble.