Thursday, January 14, 2010

Revision time

I started trading bad. Playing game that isn't mine and then taking higher risks. It's a combination of market without opportunities that suits me and me being bold and feeling invincibility on the back of success from past weeks.

My short didn't work for a long time. Finally instead of exit with a stop I averaged giving those two trades short leash stop. I didn't count in that after I get stopped out I would refuse to throw a towel. So I reshorted again with double size. I had already loss of -25 full size pips and was ready to lose at least 20 full size pips more.

Market movements in the end gave me what I needed to cover previous loss and gain a little. I would stay more but usd/jpy didn't move down in crucial moment to help this move and make really strong break down in eur/jpy.

I need to review what is going on with me. Yesterday was bad trading, today was also, it's not a way to go forward.

+9 pips


Black said...

have a good rest over the weekend bro. take each day as a brand new one =)

FX said...

Thanks Black. I traded today and was more relaxed and careful.