Monday, January 25, 2010


1. Eur/usd small profitable scalp.
2. Eur/usd short that hit my full stop. I could get out earlier but only few pips. I simply wanted to get red dot and be stopped out, the thing that I'm always scared of.
3. I noticed strength setup in gbp/usd and trade went very well. I started experimenting with leaving it on without my usual take profit instinct. After eur/usd started heavy sell off my gbp/usd returned to the entry. All 18 pips were gone. I got out so I don't make losing trade out of it.
4. and 5. Reaction trades first believing that eur/usd will drop very big and in gbp/usd quick entry to get back in profit. It didn't work out neither of them. It would be better if I didn't take them at all.

I was very angry after all of it, losing healthy profit and then some random stops. Great thing is that I was totally in control and didn't have problem in stepping away even though I was so so angry. It's not good to experiment when I'm in a hole in my overall p&l from that recent blow up. I should concentrate on careful scalping trade by trade, day by day.

-25 pips

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