Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Not so great, but turned out positive. It was volatile so first position was half size. Break out didn't work out. I had a thought of possible reversal of some magnitude at 8:48 when second attempt failed. I was stubborn and let it slide and averaged two times with half size trades. All advance was on the back of eur/gbp weakness few minutes prior to my entry. Now eur/gbp was there near lows holding but all European pairs fell against usd and I didn't rally believe in that move. That's why I stayed, nevertheless money management was poor. I was at lowest point at -30 full size pips and it could be worse.

+1 pip


eminifuturesblog said...

Hi there I just came across your blog, can I ask which charting package you use? I can't tell from the screen shot.
Thanks in advance

FX said...

Those are Oanda's charts.