Monday, February 1, 2010

Desperate for a profit

Again problem at break of previous low. Even it did get there market reversed and I didn't close. So I was in a loss failing to close it. Finally gbp/usd reversed back to the down side and I made very nice gain. I don't know which is correct answer to take 5 pips when I had them, to close at b/e, to close at small loss or full stop of 10. The way I played I went for three times bigger risk then I intended. It's probably problem of confidence, when I'm more confident in my trading I don't have a problem with some of mentioned options.
Later I went for a reversal trade with half size. It did look good judging from development in all pairs. I had thoughts of holding one of them but it's not my game and eur/gbp wasn't reversing which would be needed.

+32 pips


Syed Omar (Hilmy) said...

good stuff. highest profit i've seen from your trading. I got pushed around by eurusd today...sigh

FX said...