Thursday, January 7, 2010

Swing trading today

There was big move in jpy pairs with weaker jpy on some bank official comments. So consensus was that jpy will be weaker.
First entry was with half size in usd/jpy. Second in eur/jpy also half size. Eur after my entry started falling against usd and that didn't help my second trade. I was very long time in trades and finally when push above 93 started eur wasn't cooperating. My bet was that jpy will finally fall against all pairs and that big rally will come, but it didn't. It could be very profitable trade if it did.

+16 pips


Fxchartist said...

It's a very good trade Fx, correct me if I'm wrong, but that Yen Dollar was probably the best trade I ever seen in your blog. Good timing and management. Well done!

Fx Chartist

FX said...

Thanks Fxchartist. I don't know is it the best trade, probably not, but it's up to personal preferences. I personally don't like trades that take this long and prefer well executed scalps.

Black said...

yep, nice work. i sold the yen on the same day but did it at bad price :( luckily i had an average in that cut my losses.

let's see where it head after NFP release tonight :)

Black said...

i mean morning for your side. opps.

FX said...

Thanks Black.

I will not trade today, no time for it.
This five hour trade exhausted me, I sit by it like it was a scalp. I simply don't know how to swing trade.

Anonymous said...

can you not see what you're doing right and wrong from those two trades? the usdjpy was perfect because you waited for a nice pull back whereas the eurjpy trade you played your normal style and chased the market giving you an instant loss. if you could only learn to stop chasing markets around you will do much better overall. dan

FX said...

Dan I understand what you are saying but we have to put in consideration my temperament and psychological preferences. So it's not black and white. For me chasing the market is always better. I can see those opportunities more clearly, so it's only edge I got. Sometimes they go against me and give me instant loss. Usd/jpy trade is based more on "fundamental" information if we can even call it like that. I don't have those kind of ideas very often.

I understand that you like usd/jpy trade as Fxchartist in first comment. But those are not trades for me as much beautiful they look after five hours. I must trade by my personality. That are my thoughts on the subject. Even though for majority of traders it's better to take pull back trades, I didn't learn that yet. Probably I will through time.