Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm so out of shape, out of feel, out of everything I need to have some chance in trading.
First in the morning I had so big urge to take some trade, so first one that was there possibly was mine. After entry it was 50:50 where will it head. I took my scalp profit on full size and moved away from screens.
Later I found out that down move materialized. I took small long with quarter size because I couldn't be sure where will down move stop. At first it moved my way and then suddenly drop 40 pips in 2 minutes. I averaged like intended but it didn't stop there. So next average trades were too close. Soon I had full size position. Only luck gave me profit before big possible loss. Idea was to have small swing trade and soon it was full size trade against the market direction, pretty much stupid.
In a meanwhile I had small full size scalp in eur/usd also.

In the end I did have profitable day, but I don't like this trading at all. I need to get in tune, preferably slowly without a mess.



Syed Omar (Hilmy) said...

well you feel like shit and you're did well. be careful, not to fall into the negative reinforcement methodology

FX said...

I understand.
I need few days to find rhythm and focus on scalping.