Monday, May 18, 2009


Still struggling in a clash between trying to trade full size so I don't push for excessive profit as I do with half size and refusing to get out in the loss but trying to average down. So this are two charts of the same thing trading full size on main account and subaccount. On thing that is important to remember is that fading the trend is o.k if it's done on extreme. First trade on first chart was a short 8 pips lower then the high minute ago. It looks like a reversal at that time, but it's trouble because it's 8 pips retracement also. Second thing to learn is at my first trade on second chart. I had 8-10 pips profit in next few minutes but I didn't take them. I was waiting for both open positions to make reversal and go into profit. That way I risked a lot if things turn. Which they did, but luckily I got second chance.
+23 full size pips

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