Monday, May 4, 2009

Nice gain

Second entry didn't work out in the start but market wasn't showing any real strength so I kept them both. I had on few occasions about 10 pips for joined position and it was bouncing up and down in the range. I decided let's work a little on holding winning trades. At the time of exit there wasn't some big reason for it but risk reward wasn't any more on my side. Before there was at risk around 10 pips of this 2/3 of full size position and now I gained like 30 more. Any retracement could take 20 easily off and I didn't see short term reward for it, as it happened later. Also this is healthy gain for me and now I'm thinking of backing off for a day in a spirit of focus on monthly plan. Trades were with 1/3 size in the end +24 full size pips.

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