Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bad edition of me

First of all I don't know why did I short eur/usd. Maybe I didn't like idea that I didn't catch that preceding uptrend and I was watching it. So now I was forcing the trade. I didn't see any reason that it's going down it was just my idea that selling could start. After I add another short in eur/jpy from that point it was usual averaging autopilot.
Interesting thing is when I start bad because of wrong reasons I'm much more open to trade really bad. When I see something and trade it and it goes against me it's easier to take a loss. But when I trade from some random idea that I want to happen then if it's not working I for certain will not take loss when I should take.
Eur/usd was with 1/2 size, first two eur/jpy with 1/3 and third 2/3. Max open loss was bigger then -50 full size pips.
Only bright spot was that I was looking eur/jpy to break down and had target of 132 so I wanted to make something in this mess not just take b/e, when it didn't at critical moment I got out.
-3 full size pips

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