Friday, May 29, 2009

Same old story

I don't know why but it accelerated. Swings between my good trading and extremely bad are now every few days. In last 2-3 weeks I had 3 catastrophic days. This week two of them. At those days my reason goes through the window. Why did I today fight the trend and yesterday or day before I wasn't, or I was conscious of how costly it can be. More importantly why didn't I change sides, or throw down the towel?

The reality is that sometimes I trade because I want to make some good trade because I can see opportunity for it, other times my attention is on the money. Guess which days are mini catastrophe? When I worry about money no loss is acceptable and norm is I'm doing opposite of what is normal to do in trading situation.

Trading was with various sizes on both accounts.
Actual loss today doesn't represent how bad it was because I was 40 pips more in the red 10 minutes before my last exit. Finally for the day I'm at -35 full size pips.

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