Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm not for swing trading

At least not if I'm sitting in front of the screen. I based this trade on assumption that lows on 3H chart will not get broken so easily in rangy day. My stop on 1/3 size was at 30 pips. It looked like it will be touched, but it bounced back. When things started to get soft around 5100 scalper in me took the profit of 20 pips. I don't know what will come later, I still believe that it will go up to the top of the morning range, but now it's over. Who knows maybe it will hoover around here waiting for news. Better for me to scalp.
+7 full size pips


Regular Exercise Makes You Feel Happier said...

Do we have opportunity like you did every day?

I want to trade forex, looks like fun.

FX said...

Hmm, this was day with low number of opportunities.