Friday, May 15, 2009


I think that I'm addicted to heighten emotions that some trading situation provide for me. It's like addiction to danger if you are riding the bike at top speed or jumping out of airplane. I'm to much chicken to do any of those, so I compensate with trading. I can't tell you what a joy is that negative emotion when market is going against you and you add one more position with idea that it will nail low. Hope that it will turn and go in your direction is sooooo good. The best of course is when you have some market indication on your side so everything isn't just a pipe dream. Then greed and big eyes come out. Not only that you will recover but you will make a killing. So full leverage right on. Good thing that Oanda doesn't provide 1:100 leverage because it would certainly give new layer of those high emotions.

First trade was nice scalp for picking the low, it's totally valid trade. Later I made mistake waiting too much and then going long at the top looking for a break out. It didn't work and addiction sequence began. Trades were 1/3 size, except last one on subaccount with 2/3 size.

Too bad that riding profits doesn't provide so much emotional pleasure as getting back from the hole.

+18 full size pips

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