Monday, July 21, 2008

Trading on vacation

Well isn't it really nice that I spent boring summer morning watching forex screens and scalping. Now it's time for lunch and beach :)))

First I had a mess with gbp/usd long which was breakout buy that turned on me. Bad thing that I didn't stay, I was to much concentrated on 10sec and it would be better if I watched 1min. I just expected stronger break so I was afraid of another turn.

Again in first eur/usd trade I was glued to 10sec and didn't want to let market go against me.
Third trade in the day I decided to stick around and not get out again too soon. I had nice opportunity to close the scalp so I did.

I was ready to quit trading for today but at 13.00 market started to move with speed. With nice new feature 1-click trading on OANDA I managed to have two trades in less than one minute.

+15 pips today

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extremely happy for you my friend!!! hope your vacation is going well! My sister is in town from St Louise, so I am somewhat on vacation as well. I hit the charts with my new method today and bagged about 30 half size pips, so I was pleased. Still demoing though :)