Thursday, July 3, 2008

My piece of action

In the morning I tried for a meltdown trade but when it immediately stop I was out. I got my piece of action after the news. It was wild later also but I got to be happy with scalp just as I like it. + 10 full size pips



Congratulations buddy!!! I see you did well! Check my newest blog for a chart by chart commentary on how I also traded it. My wife and I were wondering how you would do today, glad to see it worked out!!!!

FX said...

First my regards to Orion's Honey Bear :))

You are doing great. Using scalping and milking the trade as any day trader or swing trader. That's just great.

Action like today is why I'm not so for brackets, but you managed it very well.

Well I got my scalp, it seams I never get more. So better to remember that when I'm in swing mode. No reason to trade any other way but to scalp.
I was thinking should I hold that trade at least to 800. But the thing is if it reversed and I lost those 20 pips I would probably started to move my stop and average. So I do lose opportunity on day like today but in the long run it can save my skin in trade that reverse on me.

Great trade and explanation on your blog. I will post link so others can check that out.


Today was a great day because I followed the rules pretty well. I am (believe it or not) still a little disappointed by the spike down I missed after getting out :)

If price is 20 pips in your favor and you don't want to let it run, taking half or a 1/3rd off the table and setting the stop to break even will in the long run make you more profitable. Just think about it, you not only have a risk free trade, now you have the opportunity to let it go ("against") you a little more :))

By the way Orion's Honey Bear appreciates it.