Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interrupted news scalp

I was all ready for Bernanke and at exact minute I was interrupted on my work so I had to move away from screen for a moment. So I entered late for a scalp.

Second trade was scalp looking for a bounce of 900 level. I did exit too early but you never now with this kind of trades. It fall too much in the first place on all time high day so I didn't want to risk much of the gain. I for sure didn't expect 40 pips bounce that happen at the time I write this.
+21 pips

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Excellent!!! great timing I am happy for you! Yesterday I was totally exhausted and should not have even traded... My son had me up from 1am - 2:30 then 4am - 5:30... The only reason I got up that morning was to help a buddy of mine trade the news... he didn't even show up because he got sick the night before and the baby was screaming in the background.... needless to say I was not profitable because I was out of my mind!

I am sticking with FXGame until NFP... keep up the good work I am happy for you :)))))))))