Monday, July 7, 2008

Not so accurate

I wasn't really accurate today but in the end it all went well. I was in new mind setup of close stops. It's ok but it's whole different way of trading. If I know in advance that I will not average to save the loss I want get out of loser as quick as possible. On the other hand I got to give it a room to disprove idea if it's totally wrong and if not to come back. There wasn't much going on. I hoped that new push down will follow after Asia session big fall. There wasn't one really and I didn't belive in upside potential.
+10 pips



Wow my friend, using stops! good for you! Whats next, taking half and letting it go farther? time will tell.

I am actually trading my newest strategy this morning and I am up quite nice so far. I think you will find the idea interesting when I finally reveal it.

glad you did well today FX

FX said...

Yeah, I need to bring things in order a little. It's time.