Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1-click trading is great

I didn't know how much attention was drown away with managing order windows in crammed up space with several charts. Now when I have it on a left side 1-click away I can react in an instant and catch really good price. I notice that I'm really much more focused, funny how little things change a lot and you don't even know it beforehand.

Market isn't much suitable for trading in the morning, but I did catch some volatility and ok profit. That second trade was mistake, I wanted to go in in gbp/usd but I clicked on wrong box, it wouldn't do me much good anyway.
+15 pips


Anonymous said...

They should have given this option to us long time ago! :)

FX said...



Dude you rocked it, your timing was great. AND you did a great job of immediately closing that accidental trade. lots of people would have trouble with that!!! keep it up :)

FX said...

Yeah, thanks Orion, I did wait for few seconds with that accidental trade will it go up my way :))) but I did get out when it didn't.