Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Worst possible choices

My first short was prior to continuation of down side. Then average and long minutes of range. Then I abandon my short side and reverse two minutes to reversal. After it's too late to assess risk, I just stick to losing trade in fast market. In the end one little desperate long that lost some more.

History repeats itself. After long profitable string I hit the wall and fall out of rhythm and find the way to lose a lot. I don't blame so much trading or bad trading for it. It's something "in me" that makes me suddenly uncomfortable because of recent gains. I don't want to start with psychobabble because I can't explain it yet so what's the point.

I wasn't so emotional and I was very close at some points in that range to call it and have small or medium loss day. I predicted while I was short that I could lose maximum of 50 pips if things go. It's more than double.

Add to all that my position size is 50% bigger from the start of the month. So it's more that 150 pips loss of last months pips.

-108 pips


Joel Pinto said...

Great traders are the ones that can re-born after great loses. Keep moving and think in the great good trades that are coming!

FX said...

Thanks for that positive message.