Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Profitable but questionable

Here I go again line up three positions. This really can't be called averaging because spacing is so small. It's bad because it's not in my plan and if things go against me I freeze. In the end I didn't even capitalize on it properly. At the bottom same thing. I guess it's greed, I want a big trade and big profit. I don't feel comfortable to enter in the first place with that size but I do it anyway when price goes against me. It's a case where I'm not prepared on bigger financial risk but I want bigger gain. I know that I'm not doing it right but it's difficult to stop and change things. I'm trying.

+35 pips


Anonymous said...

Well done for identifying and capturing the GBPUSD move today!

I done the same a little later on EURUSD

Jimmy FX

FX said...

Thanks. You have done nice job. Glad that you comment so now I can read your blog.