Monday, April 26, 2010


I fall into mine own trap on my second trade. I guessed that up potential is limited and had nice first scalp. Then I got suckered in long. Big position with averaging and I failed to take small profit or b/e that I had. After I reversed short I got instant 10 pips run against me, then very hard move lower. I was positive for a day after exit but foolishly I didn't want to quit. So I had disastrous trading in eur/usd with four positions later. Reversal trade of same size cut my loss to manageable one.
All in all not well. After I surpassed level from big loss at the beginning of the month I again have tendency for big size. Then bigger size made very bad day. Now I average non stop and ride too big positions. I need to cool down with it.
Also when I trade like this I miss on opportunities for scalping. Eur/usd had beautiful trend and I missed all tied in gbp/usd.

-18 pips

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