Friday, April 23, 2010


Today I was around five hours in front of charts for a change. Nothing much can be said from those charts below but that swing trading would be much better option for today.

+18 pips


Risk Control Master said...

Man, another solid week? I lose count of how many days you have in Green!!!!
Just keep this going.

FX said...

Yeah, thanks. Sometimes I try too hard to make it green, that's a weakness also.

Anonymous said...

you've been doing so well recently - well done, i'm impressed. keep it up. can you briefly explain to me what you look for when making a trade? what is your entry criteria? thanks

FX said...

Thanks Alex. I'm more pleased with trading last month then this.

Most of mine trading is based on closely watching price action and entering when I "see" that price will move immediately in some direction. It can be just for few pips, it can continue much more. By much screen time person develop that sense of what will probably happen immediately. Sometimes it's following momentum of movement in some direction, other times it's break out to new price extreme or reversal trade based on too extended movement on small time frames.
Basically most of the time I'm just following price that already started to move somewhere. I enter seconds after move already started if I believe that it will continue some more in that direction.