Tuesday, April 13, 2010


First couple of trades in eur/usd ended poorly. Market didn't move and my actions were clumsy. I went short in the first place because it was mini break down and I expected to catch some downside action if I'm fast.
Gbp/usd trading was based on good fundamental news at 10:30 but without much action initially. Size was halved because you never know what can play out in such situation when things are not fast and directional. My add on was when price broke morning highs but it just stop there. Me being me didn't want to close while second entry was in a loss from spread. Luckily it did move slightly but there wasn't any move of strength in eur/usd at the time to take it all up.
In the end some more eur/usd trading after Greek auction. It's pretty much hard to go short after such strong up break out. You just wait when will it pick up itself and surge higher again. Short trade in the end was my usual when there is break of previous lows it couldn't be missed. Those eur/usd trades were also with half size because I wasn't concentrated so much any more.

+16 pips

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