Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nice day for trading

Very nice market for all kinds of trading. Eur/usd is always problematic for me because it moves too little in straight line on sub 1min tf in comparison to gbp/usd. So I take profits whatever they are before they evaporate.

I don't like eur/jpy, too much losses on that pair. I simply read it wrong. So I chose today to go for trades against the trend in it. Half size to make things easier on my emotions.

More big moves came after I was finished with this trades. Well my concentration was over. I do have regret in a sense that I would like to trade more, but I know that it's better not to. Also I simply feel exhausted and fed up with trading for today. So in this state it would be just wrong to trade.
It's all probably because I watch every tick. Then come period when I'm in a trade so emotions are heightened. Then again out but watching every tick. Constantly judging do I see a move in front of me. That sequence of things burns me out. Maybe it's my prejudice that I should do it different and this is just fine.

+21 pips

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