Friday, February 26, 2010

February 2010. results

-42 pips

-10 %

This are results with pip size that I started the month. After one trade a day experiment I decided to go back to my known way of trading. Sometimes averaging, sometimes adding to position with smaller size of the trades then before. When I think about bad results that are following me from end of last year, my conclusion is that everything would fall in it's place if I did cut size immediately.
Back then after few very good weeks I had one bad day where I lost discipline that I had. I didn't recover mentally since then. I continued to trade with larger size but without discipline and that was bad for my mental attitude. I didn't like swings in dollar terms against me and I didn't want to cut size because it would take longer to recover.

Now I'm trading with smaller size and more loose. It's natural and I shouldn't even try to enforce hard discipline with this size. When we go to bigger size again things will straighten, but first I need to trade my way to there.

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