Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I moved stop on this trade so I'm not satisfied with that. Trade itself was more a wish for market to get out of the range then something that I saw in chart.

+2 pips


HPT said...

I think making one trade a day is a step in the right direction for you. It shows that you are not being impulsive/gambling. That being said, I think you need better trade entries, gauging from the last week of trading I see many entries for buys near bollingerband highs and shorting new bollingerband lows, instead of buying the dips or selling bounces.

FX said...

About me not being impulsive/gambling one day later I'm showing exact opposite :(

I'm used to that break out style, which wasn't right thing lately because of constant range. Few years before I wasn't being able to go in direction of trend, I had only reversal trades. It will be some time until I learn to buy dips and sell bounces.

Anonymous said...

Also, consider the instrument is seeking to make higher highs or lower lows. If I thought it was about to make a higher high I would have either bought at the dip or waited and bought just as it "blew by" the higher high to get that burst and see if it continued to run.

FX said...

Yeah, I was looking for higher high I entered in anticipation of it, but didn't want to capitulate when it failed.