Thursday, February 4, 2010

Interesting experience

I was going for a break of previous low, unfortunately I wasn't by the screen few minutes before. My break didn't work, I should have probably close that loss much earlier but because that was my first 1 trade a day trade I left it until full stop was hit. I felt different with all of this. Like it's out of my hands which is true regarding the trade when you are in. Far better then fictitious feeling that with maneuvering with a stop and adding to a trade you can control outcome.
I think that with this 1 trade a day trading I will learn things that I'm missing. So even though it's a loss I have very positive experience. Some kind of pressure of not knowing what will I do next is off. I'm not emotional, I don't want to revenge trade, I can accept outcome of my trading whatever it is. Looking forward to next 1 trade a day trade.

-11 pips


Black said...

i guess another good thing about ur on-going process of 'one trade per day' is that, at the end of the day, whether it is a + or a -, u learn to accept it, and take it to sleep.

to many of us, it is indeed a tough psychological barrier to push through. but u hv our support FX. keep it going!

FX said...

I'll be getting in my scalping mode. I noticed today that I can't treat this trades anything special and today I did. But walking away after it was done was really good.