Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Slow reactions

I wasn't in the mood for trading in the morning. Later I was looking for some news scalp. I was kind of slow and late in my entries. Exits were good. Last trade I had to go just when it was at around b/e so I exit it.
-1 pip



I think your overall sense of direction is still pretty damn good! Tomorrow's another day. How are you managing your emotions while trading? Still feeling the pressure?

FX said...

Well yes you will be able to see in today's post, emotions are hard. But while I'm not averaging I can't complain.

Well my sense of direction is good. So, sometime it's bad like in my last trade in next blog post I had a feeling that it was rejected from 4800 level but didn't stay with the trade. Took small profit and in few hours it moved 100 in that direction later I saw.

Well I still got to develop those swing trading skills. I remember how it was hard for me to enter in the direction of the trend. Now I scalp mostly in that direction. Before it was just catching reversals. So one day I will be able to stay with profitable trade for few hours and ride a winner.