Friday, August 1, 2008

July 2008. results

It was all in all quite nice month. I didn't put more size in positions as planed because I wanted to be relaxed on vacation. It was summer trading, there is not so many opportunities and when you get them they are small and short. Scalping was nice as always. Big deal is 1-click trading now on OANDA so things are little bit smoother.

+ 148 pips
+ 5.3 %

For the end one little motivational video with Hevad Khan :))



So does this mean you are out of break even now?
If so by how much? My month was pretty lame... since I only actually traded NFP last month and then proceeded to lose some... I suppose I was up only about 50 pips for the month.

FX said...

No, no not at b/e for the whole trading affair from the start but if I continue nicely it will be in few months or more :))


I thought you were only down 90 pips from break even?

FX said...

That is about right for my last add on, now depending of size of position but in that range. I count all from the start also, but it will probably be lighter and easier when I get above last account funding which is from now if I don't change the size about 200 pips away.