Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I don't know why I do it but it's here. I had small profit on gbp/usd (all positions half size) I didn't take it. Eur/usd didn't show weakness. I kept them, turn gbp/usd in loss and averaged down. -36 full size pips of a loss. I just astray from what I know and do well. It happened yesterday and continued today.
At eleven thirty I had only 5 pips loss and from there on it really started to go up. It's ok idea that I had about reversal, it didn't materialize but I stick with it. It's auto-pilot of usual losing behavior from that point on. Maybe I'm just bored. This is not a way to trade. Again I didn't stay with scalping but turned good scalp in bad swing trade.

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4x For Life said...

I am on that same trade, i think you panicd and bailed because it went to 95sh and that is where i sold it.I only buy or sell when it breaks the bands.Just food for thought, its on my site.