Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Positive day

Slow but explosive market hard to trade. Unfortunately I exit those first eur/usd trades that were later slowly trend up.

Try in gbp/usd that was weak today.

Later I was into idea of weak gbp/usd and possibility of big break down. So I had 1/3 size trade for swing trade. It makes me crazy especially when it's not in the profit.

News trading in eur/usd. Half size, when I exit I accidentally opened short at the same time luckily it fall back and I was out.

I had one more gbp short that I was shaken out, but it's so slow and no big brake. Check o ut from 11:30 to 14:30 gbp/usd was in 15 pips range. Totally low volatility. In the end +11 full size pips which is good for this kind of market and my scalping.

In the morning I was crazy by internet connection but it looks now that after I tweaked it a little it's stabilized, so I will be able to trade without the fear of disconnecting.

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Yes I also had a rough day. I find that after a huge move there tends to be very slow movement for a few hours afterwards..