Tuesday, May 13, 2008


First gbp/usd trade was scalp with lucky spike in my direction so I got nice profit very fast. I wasn't fast enough to exit it at top, that's how fast it was.

Action started after 10:30 gbp news time , spread was wide and it's now 30 minutes later still 4.5 vs. 2.5 usual for gbp/usd. Well eur/usd started to go down. I entered the trade but wasn't so sure in break down because yesterday was really big up day for eur so I feared that support will kick in and spike fast against me. So I was out of the trade few seconds before it really started go down. I felt bad but after few minutes I took another trade luckily in the same direction and closed it as a scalp. Before I would most certain after such bad call of closing trade just before big profit open trade against the trend. Start averaging...
Later eur/usd bounced of fibb level so I got in for another scalp.

It's better to get back in scalping mode without much thinking. I noticed that in last few days I spend too much time in some action to get bigger profits and with no results. That's proved before, so better to stick to scalps and keep my mind in that aggressive taking profit mode. It just works for me. But it's so easy to start thinking of where will things go and what is best overall strategy. No, no, it's better just to stay with my guerrilla tactic because my strategy even when it's right I never trade it for full potential.

+12 full size pips on 4 half size trades.

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