Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scraping pips

Today was in the end strong trend day, I wasn't in my swing mood. I was aggressive in scalping, too aggressive in the beginning. I was against the trend up in the morning. I made bunch of scalps.
Gbp/usd trade was questionable but market gave me opportunity for profit.
First trade in eur/usd I managed to get scared away. Momentum just started and I had fast entry with full size, but market ticked back and I run out at b/e and left nice 10 pips in a minute. Probably because of full size. Than I decided to go short, decision not so based in reality. Finally after news at 10 market started slow to tick down, I was patient to wait for little bounce because there is usually try for the high. I shorted immediately, unfortunately I made an exit immediately also with some scalp pips. I didn't expect so big downtrend, I don't know how it developed so strong because market was previous to that in healthy up mood.
After that I made three pure scalps against the trend based on reactions on10sec chart. I didn't have time for trading whole time. In the end I scraped +10 full size pips.

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