Monday, May 19, 2008

Break even

Last week I wrote about the way I'm trading and now things will change. I shouldn't write anything lol. I'm going to be busy for few months now so I will not be able to trade from home in the morning. I will trade from work with notebook and shaky wireless internet connection. Oanda is disconnecting and reconnecting all the time on that connection so it will be hard to scalp. Also I will not be in the position to be relaxed and concentrated as I'm at home. So I'm thinking that I should trade less and leave trades to pick up some bigger profit. Wait just for the best and obvious trades and give them some room. In the end who knows, probably I will in the end just scalp. Well today I put one trade for wrong reason at the wrong time and got out at b/e, but if I left that trade on I would have nice profit. It's only wishful thinking. In the end I feel like summer slowness is coming into the market, 5 hours for 100 pips is way too slow. Slow moves are not for me, I don't have patience for that.



wow that would have been a massive profit!

I HATE when Oanda disconnects.. it scares the crap out of me. A relaxed environment definitely has much to do with results for me. I like relaxing music sometimes too.

FX said...

This time Oanda is not guilty, I have 3G internet connection with 3G sim card on usb stick. Nice little thing to have wireless internet wherever there is GSM signal, but sometimes it oscillates in speed and connection and result is oanda down for few seconds. I didn't have problems with Oanda for long time now, but before in some period it was scary.