Monday, October 10, 2011

Scared of profit

After my first trade I got scared of profit. So I entered some garbage shorts into strong uptrend. After that I came back to zone and managed to take few great trades. Finally after 10:50 high I started over-trading. Addicted to good emotion that I had previously while I was in profitable trades. At 11:35 things changed, price started to move differently. Somehow my last trade wasn't stopped and finally price flew to new high taking my intraday profit back to the highest point.
Movements of price in first part were very nice and friendly so I could enter with ease.

+36 pips


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the pips, even so little as 36 pips are a good thing :), do you use only price action?
I like this site for studying:

FX said...

For scalping it's great profit, leverage makes it worth.
Yes I use only price action, but I watch other pairs as some kind of indicator for movements of eur/usd.
Babypips is ok site.