Thursday, October 20, 2011


I didn't capture chart on time so only madness shown on 5min chart. In first red part I had 33 losing trades and one scratch. I really need to limit my downside somehow effectively for me to banish this kind of days.
All started when there was downside spike that took my stop. I was immediately short but didn't take profit of around ten pips on that one. I was looking for epic break down. Well it turned to be fake move, market reversed but I didn't reverse my beliefs. I knew that I was wrong from very start but that's spiral of death when you can't acknowledge something and you press on doing wrong thing. I didn't trade chart or market but my false idea that maybe market will turn back down. But anyway it's not the way to trade in the first place, looking for some home run, just to cover losses.
On few occasions I didn't take 30 pips profit when I had it. That strong was my madness.

-81 pips

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