Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Great session

Win by win I managed to climb up to thirty pips of profit. Then I had minor psychological meltdown. On next trade I lost and then I didn't trade the market but my p&l, trying to get back to the highs. So I managed to lose around twenty pips on next three trades. I couldn't close those losing position at small loss, but had to leave them to take out full stop. Fourth trade after those losses could easily be another loss but it turned out a win and my mind went back in normal predatory mode.

+41 pips


Joabe Rodrigues said...


U are Oanda trader ?

If yes, tell me how do I display the arrows entering and leaving the market as well as blue and red lines in FXTrade?

Or are you the one who draws manually?

FX said...

Yes I trade with Oanda. Blue and red lines I draw myself using some small program for capturing the screen images (handysnap).
Arrows on your screen you get by enabling option "Show historical trades & orders" in "Chart options" menu. That is little hand icon in the top right part of the chart by the buy and sell buttons.

Technology Consultant said...

Was eager to know the option to draw chart in Oanda, Thanks a lot.