Thursday, October 6, 2011

Healthy profit

Ugly market movements on small time frames last few days. Today also. On my first trade 2-3 pips slippage and fast stop loss. I held my second trade even it didn't look so bright at the start. I thought that at least I have a trade with good entry and it's questionable will I get another opportunity to get in at reasonable chart point. It could go south any moment. Then forty pips in minute move came (there is no entry for that except some limit order). Now I had to decide where to exit. It's hard when at one moment there is fifty pips profit and seconds later it's thirty five. On next push weekend gap down was filled around 385 but it wasn't so strong to go through round figure so I took my profits before market change it's mind.

+51 pips


MBAGearhead said...

Nice trade - perfect exit. Those kinds of trades are always fun. As long as you're not on the other side of them!

FX said...

Thanks, yeah exactly. It's nice when unexpected happen because you just float on correct side of things.