Monday, April 27, 2009


Today I reached low in trading, I averaged and when it didn't work I later averaged more from subaccount. I moved funds to subaccount to make averaging more difficult and look at me now.
Basically I expected that up move is just a bounce and that it will come back but getting -50 full size pips in the red is stupid.
Later I was doing bad again when I shorted on momentum, momentum vanished and I didn't want to get out. I exit that trade in profit when after brake of morning low price didn't speed up to the downside.
I wasn't completely wrong on my first set of trades nor second but it's not a way to handle things. Also I totally hate slow market as it was today in that last trade.

+18 full size pips


Forex Day Trading said...

I can see why you feel upset. Euro is in the Phase of Decline. Shorting euro is the natural thing to do. The tricky rally proved that timing is as important as to pick the right direction. So even in an established downtrend, short rally top only might reduce such hard feelings.


sorry to hear this FX. i have been a quiet trader lately, I am just not feeling the market. managed 15 pips this morning, but I had to make myself do it.

FX said...

Hi Orion nice to see you.

Exactly Forex, I was afraid of getting out because it could resume on any minute, but it got prolonged so far, I didn't count on that.