Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Profitable day

I'm not really satisfied with how I played today. I let nice profit to go into a loss. I was counting on overall trend to take it back, but it's just not good trading for my style. I remembered about profit target for a day, I missed it on gbp/usd, marked with teal. Then I tried to get it in eur/usd but market came back and didn't take my order so I got out manually. I really didn't want to trade with profit caped today but I remember that I need this to trade better. It's a bit easier to practice discipline on capping profit for a day then on taking stops.
I never seen something like this on Oanda before, circled with yellow. It was like that on 10sec chart, bursts down and then back to where price was in millisecond. Gbp/usd trades 1/3 size, eur/usd 2/3 size. +17 full size pips

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